How To Handle Objections- “I need to speak with my husband/wife”

You are a network marketer and you are out prospecting and you run into someone at the bookstore and you guys started to have a conversation, everything is going well, you are asking them qualifying questions to see if they are qualified to be a business partner with you, they pass the test and you start to tell them about your business and they say I am interested but I need to speak with my husband or wife about it. What do you say and what does it really mean? Well in this article I am going to tell you exactly what it means so make sure you  pay close attention.


When you are faced with a objection like this from a prospect, you want to be able to find out if they are really stalling you or if they really looking to get input from their spouse. This is one of the most common objections that you will be faced with so here is how you find out if they are really telling the truth or if they are stalling.

  1. ask a follow up question that will yield a yes or no statement- asking questions will definitely help you determine if you have more work to do with your prospect or if you should just leave them alone so you can say something like “I would never ask you to make a decision without asking your spouse for input, communication is one of the most important things that make marriages work, but let me ask you, if did ask your spouse and they said whatever you thought or felt about the business was fine with them and they would support you, would you be ready today to join”? And wait for their answer.

If they answer anything other than yes, then you know that they are not totally on board with what you have told them and you might have to keep asking them questions or decide to let them go all together.

Most of your prospects that you talk to are really not sure what MLM or network marketing is so they say things so they can ask other people or so they can do their own research. Remember, to lower the resistance, you have to make your prospects feel comfortable about the decision by allowing them to see your opportunity as a solution to their problem.

Expect objections. They come with the territory. Know how to handle them and you will become a recruiting machine.


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